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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Torrenian Beast Concept

Creature Concept
I   found something I had written a long time ago and decided to do a concept exercise using it. This is an excerpt from a group of longer writings originally intended for a computer based RPG I was working on a long time ago. I actually have a ton of pixel based artwork from the same project that I may post in the future. Anyways, the excerpt:

Torrenian Beasts are lizard like animals that are suited to hot dessert climates. They are generally slightly taller than half a horse and about a horse and a half in length. They have six legs ending in highly heat resistant hoof claws that lift the bulk of their body off the hot sand. Their body is covered in drab colored plates similar to scales (like an armadillo) with white hair that points out from the gaps in between. Torrenian Beasts have an exceptionally soft fatty back which makes riding them quite more comfortable than riding a horse. They have a group of spines on their head and neck that are connected by a thin membrane of skin stretching between them. These spines usually lay flat but become erect when frightened, when relaxing in the shade, or to attract mates and intimidate. Their mouths are short pointy beaks, similar to a turtle’s mouth, which they use to bite into hard thorny dessert plants and to crush prey. They are naturally fierce hunters but their prey is generally small. A full grown man should not fear for their safety even around wild ones, unless you are outwardly aggressive or it is mating season. However, there have been some horrible stories involving small children and less dossal specimens. The beasts are fairly intelligent and have good tracking abilities and directional senses. Some have been trained to be quite capable war mounts but they are generally used as pack animals and mounts to indigenous dessert dwellers. Just never let a local convince you to try the meat from one, it is the most putrid flesh you will ever taste.

            As you can see I started out with some reference sketches and then developed from there. Later.

            P.S. Finding references for camels feet is really hard using the internet.

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